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Monday, January 28, 2013

P.K. Subban Finally Signs

P.K. Subban has finally agreed to sign the 2 year contract worth 5.75 Million previously offered by the Montreal Canadiens.  It is reported that he will receive 2 Million this season and 3.75 next season.

After the last win it only confirms that the team can function well even without him. Essentially losing him all of his bargaining power. I'd be willing to bet that this deal was signed only hours after the conclusion of last night's match. I think it was much of a surprise to all Montreal fans on how long he held out on this offer. Especially after having expressed such desire to play for the Habs and then being the absolute last to rejoin them.

The only question that remains is does he get the pairing with Markov? I would say don't give it to him yet and let him see how that affects his point total this season.

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