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Friday, February 8, 2013

The Law and Hockey


Anonymous said...

Remember that the NHL is an American product and that is the main issue which NEVER gets discussed.

I still can't get my head around that we Canadians/Quebecers don't envision a future with a Canadian professional A-League as the KHL.

Also, another issue in my opinion the structure of the NHL. Where the league is owner of EVERYTHING and NHL owners actually simply "rent" a license for a team. Giving no leeway for "out of the box" thinking. For example, to have a friendly game with a Pro Euro team outside the reg season instead of boring pre-season games.

I dearly prefer the structure of Inter. Football/Soccer

In International Football (English, German, Spanish leagues and many more) (not Major League Soccer though) its the other way around, the team owners actually own the team (brand identity) and the league is a regroupment of team owners.

Could you imagine a league where instead of 82 games within the NHL, they would be a FEW inter-league (Swiss, Swedish, KHL...) games to start the experiment which could count for points. Instead of the all-star game, we could have a inter-league all-star game and so on. But what would make my day, a championship as the Euro Cup every 4 years with the worlds best PRO hockey teams...and don't tell me that NHL is the centre of the world cause it ain't.

Also, if our dear Glorieux is a world-class pro sport team and the future lays with the youth within in the team. WHY doesn't the Canadiens emulate some ideas that Barça have incorporated (Watch the 60 Minutes Sport) special on FC Barcelona as free education / a private school for the team's top prospects which were are discovered at youth and they are considered almost as family giving the parents a break and financial support to the player's family. Main idea here, innovating thinking.

Why do you think the Sedins are great together? Not cause they're twins, in my humble opinion but mainly because they've being playing together all their life. There's no way to mimic such synergy without the help of TIME, same thing as with FC Barcelona.

On a end note, its freaking sad the lack of media presence of Canadiens players on TV shows compared to the Leafs where they are as infatuated with their team as we are.

The langue barrier is NO excuse. Most Montrealers are bilingual, I'd love see a fully bilingual Habs show maybe to bridge the gap between the Francophone media and our Anglo speaking players.

Basketball players go on late night TV on regular basis. But Habs fans get 1 or 2 players presences per year on 'Tout Le Monde en Parle' and a bit more.... Thank God that a "enlighten" marketing group thought of 24CH...a couple years late. Even our neighbours (HBO) though of this before we did for hockey as they did it in NFL. We should LEAD in these things NOT follow!

The Canadiens could learn a thing or 2 from the Montreal's Impact marketing team.

How many rinks did the Habs Organization built in MTL?...The number is a joke. They should invest in the city's youth and built many more rink in our neglected city structure. I'd say 20 rinks within "514" zone and 10 within the province...some indoors too.

Even how about going around the province's schools and scout (through friendly games and contests) our untapped talent besides just junior leagues. I started playing hockey this way ("discovered" at a community centre in Vancouver playing floor hockey) and ended playing as far as with the UBC Thunderbirds later in life. At the time, I didn't even know how to skate, I simply showed great reflexes and agility.

Another idea, the Canadiens should distribute a Free DVD with basics off-season and season training for the youngsters featuring our players like Kovy did some years ago (though he sold them for charity). Montreal city hockey needs charity too.

The Canadiens is OUR passion and hockey it's play field.

My 2 cents.

Jason said...

I couldn't agree more...we can support our own league but obviously just like hollywood has taking over the movie and tv industry, the nhl has taken over the hockey industry and it's not about to change soon. The Canadiens obviously has the money to do the things you mention in your comment but it's obviously more important to build giant buildings to sell hundreds of condo's. So now Real Estate, but what next? Will they try to monopolize Montreal? Whats next, will they refuse to sign a contract to broadcast games so they can start their own network? Don't rule out anything now that it's 2013 and we have achieved full sheep consumer mentality.