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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Post-Game Notes: Canadiens vs Penguins


Opening Ceremony

Another well executed opening ceremony by the Habs. They do good work. I will say that I was a bit disappointed in the fan reaction to Therrien. Sounded to me like there were a smattering of boos mixed in there when he was announced. I am one of his strongest critics, but I would never boo the guy at a home opener. He is far from the world’s greatest coach, but a little respeck is in order at time like that;

Game Changer

Habs were lucky to get that first goal so early. I don’t mean it was a fluke; it was great execution by Petry and Pacioretty. But it was the result of a very bad read by Fleury and allowed MTL to get some early control and confidence;


Montoya was star #1 IMO. He made about 3-5 point-blank saves on shots from the slot. If not for him, that game could have gone another direction;

DD and Pacioretty

Those guys go together like PB & J. Not sure which one is the J, but they love each other regardless. Nice to see. I just hope it doesn’t manifest in so much love that folks start to think that is the duo to go front and centre. Because it isn’t. Continuing the development of Galchenyuk as a true #1 is top-priority here. You can’t win without elite players playing at an elite level and getting the bulk of your ice. Pacioretty fits that, but DD? Not so much.


Sergachev played a nice, composed game. I think he’s in MTL to stay. Markov appears to be slowing before our eyes and I’d be somewhat shocked if he doesn’t retire or at least move the KHL after this season, meaning that this could be the only year Sergachev has to learn and grow under ‘The General’s’ tutelage. That alone is reason enough to keep him with the big club, let alone how mature his game already is.

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