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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mar 19th 2013, Montreal Canadiens vs New York Islanders Webcast

Montreal Canadiens vs New York Islanders Live Webinar
Game time: 7:00 PM EST

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Live Webcast Streams: 
Webcast 1
Webcast 2 (RDS FreedoCast)
Webcast 3 (RDS)
Webcast 4

24CH Episode 3


Borat said...

I've changed a few of the webcasts to the correct links and I'll keep them up to date since I have some more time on my hands now.

If anyone knows of any links feel free to mention them in the comments and I will add them to the game post. Specially if it's for RDS streams, we never have enough.

Habziefan09 said...

any chance on getting hands on EP3 of 24Ch? thanks

Borat said...

Right here:

LPLacelle said...

Thanks a lot for your commitment. It was fantastic watching live from Santiago, Chile last week and from London (Buffalo game). I'm in Munich right now. Any chance of a rerun of last night's game anywhere?