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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Webcast Seminar Recordings and Videoconferences

Whenever you participate in an online webinar they usually give you the option to participate live but it's very rare you can watch a recorded version of the seminar at a later time and date. Sometimes you might have the option to record at an extra fee which is never worth the actual bandwidth it costs the web casting provide. Now days the forgotten method is using a videoconferencing bridge where you can connect a content server to it that records everything on connected to the bridge. Cisco (formerly Tandberg) currently offers one of the best content servers and the best videoconferencing bridges and units. You can even connect Cisco telepresence to the bridge and record those sites also. When you connect a unit to the video conferencing bridge you can set that unit to enter the content channel of the bridge and the content server will record that also. You can even connect individual audio lines to the bridge and they don't need to be using IP phones. After the conference is done you then go into the content server and tell it exactly how to render everything. You might just want the presentation with voice over it or you might choose to have the power point and participants side by side. Anything is possible using the TCS (now Cisco Content Server). The last option I will talk about is the option to connect the content server as "on demand" or "live". The on demand version is what you will use if you want a rendered video file of the recording that you can then conserve. Or the live version which will create a live streaming link of the ongoing conference with an approximate 10 second audio/video delay.

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