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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Coyote, NOT ugly

       Tonight the habs are visited by the Phoenix Coyotes and if I were a betting man, I would bet this is going to be a tough game for your habs to win. Why do you ask?, well because the Coyotes are hard to play against. Nobody looks forward to a game against them, their record is 18-9-5 in the tough western conference. A conference where there are less players 5'9" and under than the montreal canadiens have. If you look at the Coyotes current roster, who would you like to have, who would you swap out star wise?
Would you trade yandle for subban?? Not on your life.
Would you trade smith for Price?? No way man.
Ribeiro for plekanec?? Don't think so.
Vrbata for Pacioretty?? I'll pass on that one.
Hanzal for Eller?? Not likely.
Gallagher for Vermette?? Ahhhhh, NO.
Markov for Morris?? Nada.
Then what gives, why are Phoenix so much more difficult to play against than Montreal? It is the supporting cast that makes the difference.
Maybe you would be more receptive to the following;
Klinkhammer for Desharnais? In a New York minute.
Moss for Briere? Hmmmmmm
Doan for Gionta??? A miracle if it happened.
Stone for Diaz/Bouillion???? Absolutely.
You get my point, it is the supporting cast that makes it easier to wear down the opponent, your canadiens don't win puck battles, it is a series of one and done shots on goal. There are rumors of Bergevin searching for a top six forward who can score, which would be great but if that player is not prepared to retrieve his own puck, maybe we should hold off on that cause we know what that looks like now don't we.
       Therrien is saying that his team is worn down by a grueling schedule, funny we don't hear that from the Coyotes, I am sure they will be ready tonight. Losing is ugly, winning.........not so much.


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