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Friday, October 17, 2014

Angry Lucic Crying Like a Bitch...Again [GIF + Video]

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Whether or not this hit should have been penalized can be debated but one thing we know for certain is that Lucic is still the same little bitch that we love to hate...And I think it's official that we're inside his head, which is even more pathetic than other players being inside his head.
It's always funny when you see a grown man act like a 5 year old; taunting the crowd while making motions of jerking off while in the penalty box...I wouldn't like to be his wife when he gets home tonight.

Here's the entire display put on by Lucic, who still hasn't scored yet this season.

Do you think his actions deserve a similar suspension to James Wisniewski who mimed oral sex and got a 2 game suspension? 


Anonymous said...

let him do what he wants in the box as long as he cleans up when he's finished.

Anonymous said...

two minutes really isn't long enough to finish.

Anonymous said...

You would love him if he played for your team!

GomezWasTheBest said...

That can be said about most hated players. Doesn't make him less of a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

english stream for the habs game tonite will be here @Avalanche vs Habs

Zunair zain said...
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Anonymous said...

You cannot get the habs game go to

Live hockey stream then open Drakula andsee the file click Habs and you get the game

Anonymous said...

Taiwan says GO HABS GO

Anonymous said...

The Habs has been my favorite team since 1955 I have the CH Tatoo on my heart since the days of Maurice Richard and I'll never change my team I am so proud to be a Canadian in Asia and watching my favorite team the HABS

Anonymous said...

Thats amazing! Much love from Canada!!