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Friday, October 10, 2014

Canadiens vs Flyers + 3 Beautiful Hockey Wives

Montreal Canadiens vs Philadelphia Flyers
 7:00 PM ET /23:00 GMT /01:00 CET
Click on one of the following webcasts to watch the Habs game online 
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Webcast 1 - GriffeSportive (Francais)
Webcast 2 - IntSports
Webcast 3 - HockeyReality
Webcast 4 - Wiznet

Webcast 5 - Streamking
Webcast 6 - UPeak STV2
Webcast 7 - FirstEvents7 
Webcast 8 - Footmax

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Here are some of the Habs wives or girlfriends that we found around the web.

Lets start with Markov's girlfriend Carolina Montes, a cute fashionista that has got the business casual look going on when she's not showing too much skin.

When Carey Price got married to Angela Webber last year we were all surprised to see him pass his honeymoon with teamate PK.Subban. That's because Angela is the most amazing wife in the world and let him skip the honeymoon in order to play in the Olympics. I guess now we know the motivation behind his success in bringing home the gold.

Max and Katia Pacioretty have got it going on! Her style is absolutely amazing and she has a certain glow to her...or maybe it's just all the diamonds!

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