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Monday, December 29, 2014

Canadiens vs Hurricanes

December 29th, 2014

7:00pm ET

Beaulieu Paired with Gonchar

After Beaulieu's last performance, we strongly suggested that he should get the pairing with Gonchar and it's a relief to see the coach agree.

Gonchar will be playing with Nathan Beaulieu tonight and here's what he had to say about playing the role of big brother:

“I don’t know if big brother is the right word, but he’s my teammate and I’ll try to help him... I have more experience than him and I’ll try to share it with him.”

Gonchar has played 1,275 NHL games, while Beaulieu has only played 43 games.

“He’s a good skater and he’s got a good shot,” “When you’re younger, sometimes you’re out of position once in while. It’s one of those things you have to pay attention to when you’re younger. You learn with experience, but I’ll try to cut that shorter by explaining things to him. We’re trying to communicate, not only on the ice but on the bench between shifts.” said Gonchar.

Here's what Michel had to say “It always goes with performance and I really like the way Beaulieu has played since he came back from Hamilton,” “He’s engaged in the play. He skates well and he’s making good decisions. He’s more solid than he was defensively. Playing with Gonchar will help him immediately, but also for the long term.”

This is what the coach had to say about Sergei Gonchar: “I’m really impressed with the way Gonchar has performed,” said Therrien, who previously coached Gonchar in Pittsburgh. “I knew the person and he always takes care that he’s in good shape. At 40 years old, you have to do more. He’s got a great attitude and I think Beaulieu can learn from him.” 

Tonight's Habs Lineup 



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