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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Guy Boucher Loses it on Referee during Spengler Cup

Outraged because of a late "Delay of Game" Penalty against his team, Team Canada Coach Guy Boucher attacks the Referee who handled the 2 Minute-Minor.

The Story behind: Team Canada was trailing Genève-Servette of the Swiss Hockey League 6-5 in the last Minute of the semifinal game of the 2014 Spengler Cup. 35 seconds before the end, there was an offensive Zone faceoff, Canada had already pulled their goaltender. Because Canada was the Away-Team, they had 5 seconds for their change. After those seconds, their were 8 canadiens on the ice, so they referee warned Guy Boucher. After the warning, there were still 7 canadiens on the ice, while the seventh was slowly moving to the bench. Because of that, the referee handed out a Minor Penalty because of Delay of the game, and the Chance for Canada to tie the game was gone. Which led to Boucher's reaction.

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