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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fan Thoughts - Habs vs Senators Playoff Series


 Comments about Players  

 These are interesting comments we gathered about some of the players from the Canadiens vs Senators series. Do you agree with them?


"I have told my brothers since the first period of game one, that I want the Habs to score just enough goals that the Sens keep Hammond in net. He has been rattled, and even though he made some timely saves last night – he has not had any mystical aura about him and has bobbled, mis-played or been out of position several times over the first two games." -Al Burtlap from HIO

 P.A. Parenteau 

"The Habs are a much better team without PA Parenteau, something many of us have been saying for a long time now. Parenteau was brought in as a 4 million dollar, 2 year, local “scorer”, and was given top line minutes and tons of power play time. Yes, he suffered a concussion during the season. But prior to that injury, and many games since, he has done very little to help the team while playing important minutes with top scorers. So, from my point of view, Weise could have been given Parenteau’s job many months ago. Every time he was given that chance, Weise rose to the occasion and produced. Weise has great speed, he battles hard for pucks, he goes to the net, and he puts up numbers when given those offensive minutes. Of course, Gallagher looked amazing there as well. But Gallagher looks like the hardest worker and most effective player on the ice no matter what line he’s on. This is a case of addition by subtraction, in my view. Playing top line offensive minutes, especially next to Max, is the best a winger can hope for. Max didn’t even need an effective right winger to put up great numbers. I believe that Desharnais only had about 12 assists on Max’s goals ths year, so I’m quite certain Max didn’t need Desharnais as hs center either. Eliminating Parenteau from the top 6 has made the Habs a better team. I do not expect Parenteau will be back next season." -Paz from HIO  

Devante Smith-Pelley 

 "Thus far, the Devante Smith-Pelly that we’ve seen in this series is the guy whose acquisition made me ecstatic. The goals haven’t been there (although he’s had quite a few chances). I think that will come with maturity and patience, but it may very well not. I’m okay with that. What I love is that he is in the slot shift after shift after shift. He’s frustrating the heck out of the Senators defencemen, especially Methot. If their defencemen are waging war with him in the slot, than they aren’t available to work the boards against the other Habs forwards. He’s also thrown some very nice bodychecks of the variety that do wear down the opposing players. In his first few games, I saw him criticized by a number of posters, including some that I respect a great deal, for throwing very weak bodychecks. I don’t think many of the Senators were saying that after Games 1 and 2. He’s tied for the team lead with Jeff Petry and Alexei Emelin with 9 hits through 2 games, and he’s had a number of misses that nonetheless forced the Senator defenceman to rush his pass to bail out from the coming hit. He’s not the fastest guy on the ice, but I don’t care so long as he is fast enough to set up shop in front of Hammond. He’s made some defensive coverage mistakes through the first couple of games that need to get cleaned up. That’s to be expected for a younger player, and even more so for a younger player who is still relatively new to the team’s system. In Devante Smith-Pelly, Marc Bergevin acquired an unpolished power forward that the team can try to develop into an effective top-9 forward. It will take some time before he truly hits his stride, but I’m happy with the early returns." -Chris from HIO

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