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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Milan Lucic Blames Habs For His Poor Performance

Milan Lucic gets Emotional

Milan Lucic is known for being a very emotional player and it's no surprise to everyone that he has a huge rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens. With the bruins missing the playoffs and Lucic having one of the worst seasons in his career, he needed to find excuses as many hockey players of his nature tend to do.

The part that might surprise most people is that he threw the blame on all the hate he received after his actions during last years playoff loss to the Habs and that they had gotten to him mentally. Lucic made the comments to CSNNE’s Joe Haggerty:
“At the start [of this season] I was overly conscious about [playing with an edge] because there was a lot being said about me with how last year ended. It was hard on me at the start. I shouldn’t have let it be as hard on me as it was. I was mad. I was angry. I was bitter that we lost…everything just piled up into one big thing, and it took me too long to get over it.”
These statements go to show how easy it is to throw Lucic off his game and shows that he's emotionally weaker than many believed. All emotions aside, it's not a very good excuse to why the bruins have been so unsuccessful this year and I doubt most bruins fans will buy that excuse. Many people say he's going to be traded in the off season but if that's the case, I doubt his value went up much after these comments.


Anonymous said...


Dude, I hate the Bruins and am a hardcore Habs fan but seriously? Where do you get Lucic blaming Habs out of his statement?

He"s blaming himself. Learn either to write OR read; either will help.

Anonymous said...

Lmfao it says right in his statement he was bitter after last year's playoff loss witch was to the HABS lmfao people know how to read and right man its not our faults u don't know anything about hockey it also says becuz of his hate for HABS it threw him off his game cuz at the start of the season he was to emotional n couldn't get over it lmfao so looks like u are the one who needs to learn to read dude and if u knew anything about hockey u would put 2 n 2 together n know what this story is about lmfao maybe u should do some research b4 u open ur mouth n make urseld look stupid n embarrass urself lmfao u need all the help u can get!!