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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Carey and Angela Price's Baby Due in Spring

Carey Price and his wife Angela announced that they're having a baby next spring after someone decided to drop the news early and made the announcement for them. Yes, 25Stanley, we're looking at you...don't worry though we still love you!

Here's the statement from Angela Price from Twitter:

“We wanted to officially announce our big news, we are expecting!! Baby Price coming spring 2016. Well, I wish this was us actually announcing our big news … but unfortunately this exciting moment was stolen from us.
“A gossip website took the initiative to announce our pregnancy over the weekend. We were lucky that most reputable media outlets seemed to have basic human decency and did not share the story. That was until last night when a classless reporter overheard a conversation and ran straight to twitter.

“We had not yet told the majority of friends and family who are now reading it all over the Internet. The past couple of weeks Carey and I had been discussing ways we could announce our big news, anxiously awaiting for that all important doctor appointment where we would get the green light to share OUR news. But why would a first time mother and father want to be the ones to announce this big news, when heartless media can do it for you?!”

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