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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What Changed the Habs this Year?

The Montreal Canadiens are playing very relaxed and confident hockey since the start of the season. It all starts with making very short passes in their zone instead of playing the traditional shoot around the boards hockey we've seen in the past and they have a certain comfort controlling the puck.

Michel Therrien has also changed his style a bit thanks to the ability to roll out 4 good lines. It's always a mystery to see which line will come out next and they rarely disappoint. Good teams will always find a way to win and the next challenge for MT is to win against some mediocre (at best) teams such as the Sabres and Maple Leafs...Something that wasn't easy for us last season. Some other changes he made are well appreciated by fans that have been demanding them for some time now; Galchenyuk on center, Eller with talented linemates, solid 4 lines, Desharnais not on the top line.

David Desharnais has been surprisingly strong along the boards and it feel like he really improved his stamina and cardio during the off-season. He seems to be moving his legs well even towards the end of most games. Since being united with Weise and Fleischmann he seems to have found a perfect fit and is playing some of his best hockey we've seen.

Get ready to see similar games to the one we just played against the Blues, because most teams will come out strong in the 1st period knowing they will need to score the first goal. As long as we keep playing a full game every night and stay strong for 3 periods this shouldn't be a problem, specially with Price in nets. The Habs have only given up the first goal once in this early season and they responded well, not giving up hope and playing even stronger.

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