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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Canadiens vs Senators Online Stream - Dec 12th, 2015

Watch the Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators Stream Live Online:

Montreal Canadiens
1st in Atlantic Division
7:00 PM ET
Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec

Top Comments Around the Web

I think since Max has worn the “C”, the expectations of his play has also shifted, but he is what he is, a guy who is streaky, scores in bunches….. So we wait. What has become apparent is Galley is the spoon that stirs the coffee. Thought Chucky could fill that role, but it does not appear to be so, at this point.

I believe Burl made a statement about waiting another year to name a Captain, starting to look like it could have been the way to go. Still a lot of talent developing, and no clear cut leader.
A lot of comments about how PK being sub-par, I don’t think he gets enough credit for the good plays he makes. Some camera angles have caught some pretty plays. His unorthodox manner leads you to believe he is out of control, but he manages to eke those out, and the puck somehow gets out….. Just a style thing for this guy, also a couple of those passes to him last game were virtually impossible to handle. I think there is always room for improvement, but he logs a lot of ice time.
I’m more concerned about the Price injury, and the W-L record with and without Price should lend itself to the “Therrien is good because” debate.

Game Streams:

  1. Stream 1HockeyReality HD (HD Quality)
  2. Stream 2 - WizNet | Stream 2 (French)
  3. Stream 3 - WorldSportME
  4. Stream 4 - StreamKing
  5. Stream 5 - Streamhd
  6. Stream 6 - pvrst
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