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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Watch Canadiens vs Islanders Stream Online

Next Habs Game Stream:

Montreal Canadiens vs New York Islanders

32-20-8, 1st in Atlantic Division
February 24, 7:30 PM
Centre Bell

All HD (High-Definition) Stream Links:

HD 720p 5000kbps 60fps Canadiens Feed

HD 720p 5000kbps 60fps Islanders Feed

Works on Xbox/PS4/iOS/Android/PC/MAC

HD 720p · 6000kbps · 60fps - NO ADS

HD Stream 720p | Ad Overlays : 1 | Mobile Yes

HD | 720p English | Ad Overlay : 1 | Works on /PC/Andorid/IOS/Mac/PS4/Xbox/
HD HOME and AWAY feeds FULL 60 FPS/6000KBPS 720p English Ad Overlays : 0 Mobile-Friendly

HD: 720p @ 4500kbps/60fps/ENGLISH Stream Ad Overlays: 3 | English | Mobile: No

HD: 720p @ 4500kbps 60fps HD Stream — Mobile Compatibility: No

HD 720 5000kbps 60fps NY Islanders vs Canadiens
HD [FR] RDS 3500kbps@60fps || (need a quick account to access)(m3u8 link under the stream)(upvote at will!)

All SD (Standard-Definition) Stream Links:

SD Streams: English Stream 1 | French Stream 2 | Ad Overlays 4 | Mobile - no

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Unknown said...

The game vs islanders is this evening not tomorrow its february 23 not 24.............

KappaPoppa said...

Please remove the youtube link it's supposed to be private so it doesn't get taken down streamer doesn't want it here, thank you kindly :)