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Friday, May 26, 2017

Where to Stream the Stanley Cup Playoffs Online

Watch Online Streams of the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs online

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators

Where to Stream the Game?

  1. Look at your watch
  2. Wait until 30 minutes before puck drop
  3. Open Google Search
  4. Type in: NHL Streams Reddit
  5. Click on the first result
  6. Look for Penguins vs Predators Game Day Stream
  7. Click on the thread and scroll through the stream links
  8. If you get lost, click here for the Sub-Reddit: NHL Streams

P.K.Subban Trade

How is the Habs nation feeling about P.K.Subban and the talented Nashville Predators continuing to the Stanley Cup Finals? Of course he's only on piece of their puzzle but one can't help but wonder how things would have played out had he stayed in Montreal. If you're upset, do you blame the management or is it just something that had to be done? There's so many questions to ask ourselves as fans and as time passes, we will have more definite answers. I hate pessimistic but something tells me that PK will be wearing more championship rings than Weber by the end of his career.

Nashville Predators

I'm happy for the city of Nashville and all predators fans, I think most people like them as a team and it's great to see them succeed. That being said, it's getting pathetic that the Canadiens still fail to bring a cup back to Montreal. And as fans we keep using our 24 cups against everyone as if that somehow justifies the team being shit for the last 25 years! Think about that for a second and let that number sink in. 

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