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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Optimism in adversity?

      A rash of injuries has the habs perilously close to being a .500 hockey team, but that is an obstacle they will have to learn to overcome in what I believe to be a transition year. What it does provide is a chance to have a look at the kids in the system. After watching Holland last night, and on occasion over the past, I am not excited by what i have seen. He doesn't hurt the teaam, he is just .....well, blah. He does not add a lot, he is at or below NHL level in pretty much every category, and when you factor in the lack of physical presence, you end up with a career AHL'er or a fringe player at best, he is expendable.
     Bournival on the other hand, can do it all and at top notch speed. It was nice to see this week that habs brass told him to find an apartment, cause the kid is staying. His hockey sense is one of his biggest assets and couple that with his speed and TENACITY, boy do we have a player there. If it weren't for injuries, maybe he is toiling away in Hamilton. I like what Therrien said regarding Gallagher last year, sometimes it is easier for a player to transition straight to the NHL. And when you think about it, by and large the AHL is full of fringe talent and the key to improvement is playing with players who are better than you.
     There are other players they could have recalled,  Leblanc has more potential, but with his girlfriends recent comments, you get the impression they need to humble them both a little first. And they must have heard me, cause he just got the call up. Well, an important time for him to make an impression, but even if he doesn't, I can't see the habs giving up on him this soon.
     The defensemen  in the system is where the real excitement begins, imagine within the next 12 months adding tinordi, beaulieu, and pateryn. That adds a lot of size and mobility to an undersized and low physicality d-crew. Right now, in my opinion pateryn is the most nhl ready of the lot, but the habs really need beaulieu on that second powerplay wave, cause bouillion and diaz just doesn't cut it, so pateryn will probably have to wait for a trade or injury to become a regular before next season.
    All in all, it is time to be optimistic in montreal, we have a bright future, that may happen sooner than later, pending some moves by Mr. Bergevin.
Who are you most excited about?? Should the habs look to trade and go for it or stay the course?? And who would you be willing to part with??DD? Budaj?Diaz?Leblanc?Murray?


Anonymous said...

I'm willing to let away eller if its mean getting ride of dd at the same time and getting something useful.

bonscott said...

hmmm don't think we would have to sacrifice eller, would we

Anonymous said...

We will be lucky if another team wants to put Leblanc on a their 4th line. DD might also be a forth liner somewhere else. As for Budaj he's a good backup but all these players don't have much value.

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