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Friday, November 1, 2013

Montreal Canadiens vs Minnesota Wild Live Webcast Nov 1st, 2013

Montreal Canadiens vs Minnesota Wild
November 1st, 2013

Game time: 8:00 PM EST

Sorry for the downtime these past 2 games, I was traveling and unable to update the site. Everything is back on track now.

Online Webcast: 
Stream 1 (RDS)
Stream 2
Stream 3
Stream 4 
Stream 5 (New RDS)

Please post any feedback on the streams in the comments

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Anonymous said...

new rds feed really poor

David D'Arcy said...

my apologies :D

Anonymous said...

On the new RDS feed, I get 6 popups right off the bat, and one of them hijacks my browser.. I'd avoid that link

joe aruba said...

Try from are excellent live streams, working very good. You will have to pay few bucks, but i think it's worth it, there is a lot of info, videos and other stuffs too